Does the game get harder at level 30?

Just got level 30 recently and all of a sudden it feels like I'm playing people 2 times better than me, I have around 100 wins and since I got my level 30 I've been playing with mostly people over 500+ wins, in some cases I've seen over 1000 wins, whereas before it was NEVER over 500 wins. This is simply too much for me as they have much more experience than me and I always lose my lane even if I try not to. Before level 30 I was playing with others on my level and always had a good kda like 6/5/7 as an example, since level 30 its been mostly bad like 4/7/6. I know kda does not mean much as its a team game, but to go from good kda to bad kda the moment I hit level 30 is no coincidence, Maybe when you hit level 30 the matchmaking tries to balance everything out, similar to the 10 placement games for ranked? again i do not know so I'm posting here, and I hope I can play with others that are roughly the same level as me in terms of skills. EDIT: I'm taking about Normal, not ranked. Any advice or help would be appreciated.
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