Level 33 and I still suck. Any ideas?

Going through a particularly bad losing patch rn, but even at the beginning... I've been reading up on matchups and builds for the champs I play and watching videos/streams which has helped in theory. In practice? Not so much. Either I get pushed back off of my wave and can't get my CS up enough to buy anything (I mainly play ADC) or I get ganked once and it's game over. Started playing custom games and vs bots to see where I was going wrong without having other humans in the mixture and I'm fine until I end up against other people. Have to admit I did op.gg a couple of games and found out I was vs gold/silver ranked players in normals which I know can happen bc MMR difference but all the same, I feel like I shouldn't suck THIS much at this stage... anybody got some inspiration/ideas/moral boosters?
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