The aftermath of crushing defeats.

(Hi! I have a Tl;dr this time UWU) When you play a fighting videogame, you expect to have two characters and two health bars on the screen. If during the fight your health bar is more full than your opponent's you are doing better. If it is emptier you are doing worse. It's pretty understandable, right? But not here. Let me explain. [Health bars] Every champion has a health bar. This should pretty much show when you are doing good or bad in a similar way. But, it doesn't at all. The game has other factors such as: unique toughness, unique resistance, exclusive shields, exclusive healing, exclusive lifesteal, exclusive regeneration, and a different value for each health bar. So basically, I may have a full health bar and fight an opponent with the 1/10th of his health, and still lose quite easily. Which makes this indicator unreliable. Let's assume I do not rely on health bars, fine. Let's move on to the bigger picture: K/D/A [KDA] What do the good players say? "_Don't feed and you'll win more_". Basically, a KDA is a scoreboard: K & A are your wins, D is your opponents' wins. So if K&A > D then you are doing good: Wrong. Let's assume I finish a game with a KDA of 5/1/5. That's pretty good. I didn't feed, I got my share on successful fights. Except I am a tank, and all my teammates have KDAs around 4/15/4, which means: Either I was the better player, or I didn't do my job and just didn't tank enough damage for my team. But which is it? Because it's true, I may be at fault, but what if my teammates were just not that good, and it isn't my fault? But that's maybe too obvious. Less obvious would be the inting Sion strategy. Or proxy Singed. Or maybe a 1/11/0 Yasuo that finally gets his first kill, and is ready to obliterate everything with a backup from his perfect CS. That, mind you: Otherwise couldn't do, as giving up CS to play safe would not give him that chance (trust me I tried this way too many times). And saying "_well, feeding with Yasuo seems like a good thing then_", No! Not all Yasuos who feed come back. So fine, ok, KDA is not the best indicator to determine how good you are doing. I mean we hear players saying mockingly "_KDA player_". [Game score] Fine: Let's look at the even bigger picture: The Game's score. Now, that's the score saying how many kills your team has, and how many - ... Nevermind, that still says nothing about how well you perform as an individual. [Stats] Ok fine, game stats: Vision score, damage dealt e.t.c. So, the thing is, a lot of people claim damage is a good indicator. But is it enough? There was this game, a teammate had 3 times more damage from ADC. But he also had 3 times the deaths. So.. like... is it justified to trade deaths for damage? And for how much damage is that worth? Warding could be a better indicator, more reliable. But I mean, if you lose towers very early and entering the first bush outside of your base could mean your instant deletion, well... maybe warding is not always the priority. [Laning phase] UGH! OK FINE! Let's look at lane FFS! Laning against someone would easily tell you how well you are doing, since if you win, you force him to back, lose CS, hit his tower, stuff like that. {{champion:18}} {{champion:119}} Ok, maybe I didn't take matchups into account. - - - **As a conclusion and a Tl;dr**, I have no idea how well I am doing or what am I supposed to do, when during a game, things get tough or just go South altogether. When I play support and the opponent 25/2 Talon one-shots me, should I keep trying until I inevitably end up feeding too? (can't build enough armor that fast) Or should I say "_meh, I'll dance under my tower and go next_". - But then, what if I do that in more games than I should have? I want to know if I am doing the right thing regardless of the outcome, but I feel like I'm stuck in the middle of the sea without a compass. I think I need to be able to lose a game and remain unfazed. Thanx for your time {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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