Why you shouldn't play this game anymore

I've been playing league for a long time , and in the long run , i find it not worth it anymore . Why ? Here are a few reasons playing this game is one of the worst decisions of your life : League of legends community is the most cancerous cluster%%%% in the whole world . You get people harassing you , calling you names , insulting you for the simple fact that someone isn't good at a video game . So what if i cant play a certain role or a champion , does that mean i should get insulted and made fun of ? Not to mention the fact that when new players install this game , they have no idea what to do. They make a new account , play a few games , and then some guy who decided he wants to be a tumor , smurfs and insults him for literally playing the game for the first time - my friend uninstalled the game instantly after trying it for 2 hours ! Try learning a new champion or role in the game , and the backlash will be HUGE ! You see a champ that you like , you find its mechanics interesting , you play a few rounds with bots , play around with the practice tool to try builds to get the general grasp . When it;s time to play with people , you honestly wish you weren't born. YOU WILL GET insulted , YOU will get harassed ! No one in your match will offer you advice or help on how to play with that champ . What you'll see on your first mistake :"report x " ; "noob" "idiot". Lets say that sometimes , yes , it's your fault - you messed up your combo , you weren't fast enough etc. ; just as you're about to admit to yourself that , the enemy spams : u mad ? , Noob , izi - and lets face it , we all had that 1 idiot in the team who went 0/12/0 who spams rows of " izi " at the end of the game Every game is the same , every match is the same , every champ select is the same ! Why ? Because some no-life nerd in korea with a calculator in 1 hand and a waifu in the other , crunches numbers for builds. You see the same champs in the same lanes every single time playing the latest KR build again , and again , and again , and again , and again. Why should i be forced to play the game a certain way? Want to play a match ? 30th vayne on bot , 100th irelia on mid , 10000 yasuo on top ( who feeds and spawns his autism badge every time he dashes through minions ) . And you try , and play and get frustrated cause you literally can't do anything against that broken build. And what does riot do in response ? You'd think that they would nerf them to balance the game, but nah , they'll be like :"Lets just release some more anime skins so that the nerds playing our game can stare at pixelated cleavage " Then , comes the rank season , where everybody displays their skill at pressing buttons . If you're a casual player and try rank , well good luck on not developing anger issues and depression . God forbid your poor mother comes in your room and asks you for help , you lash out at her like a maniac cause your team is 20 / 40 and you're losing your promo. *7th time at your promo ? Ok , here , have a feeder or an afk *trying to get better at the game? NP , have an insult : You bronze idiot , you suck , quit the game , uninstall. You play and play and lose 10 games in a row , yet somewhere deep down inside , you try again , maybe you can win and get the 10 lp necessary for you to not fall down a rank . Rank can only be described through this : self harm and addiction. Good bye friends , good bye social life , good bye slim body - rank season is up , so i must grind 8 hours a day . I had good games , even when i lost , where i actually joked with everyone in the match and didnt get mad. I had games where I was losing and i didnt feel bad about it because it was fun. I had games where i carried my team and the enemy players didn't spam insults. But those games are rare : 1/100 games. I mean , lets face it , when you play this game, chances are that you will get mad , frustrated and insulted.
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