TUTORIAL should be Improved !

Hello everybody,welcome to all friends,players and developers ! I write here this post about League of Legends Tutorial wich seems to be very simple and not much detalied,I think an improvement could make players(new ones) better,and the system will not punish the most of them. In my conception many players does not know how to play this game nor the rulles,the ban comes faster than learning. So what's the plan ? Im thinking about a Training/Tutorial System with Challanges,something like: -Try to improve your CS (Take all the CS in the first 5 waves) 5/5 -Learn how to jungle with paths and indicators 5/5 -Learn how to gank a lane with adaptive situations 5/5 -Learn about lane control and how minions work.(Freezing the lane,Push the lane,Proxy,Last Hitting) 5/5 -All about Harass,Kite,Poking,Combos 5/5 -Meta,Counterpicks and a better Item Sets with variations. 5/5 -How to play as a Support,ADC,Mid laner,Jungler,Top laner with Quest and Objectives 5/5 Every challange or tutorial complete should give the player EXP or BE depending of the difficulty of the training.
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