Counters In low elo

So ive been playing league since s4, however the highest rank ive ever achieved is gold, me and my friend where having a debate about counters and if its necessary for low elo. My opinion is that due to the fact its low elo even if you have been counter picked, it doesnt really matter as much as higher elo as you wont get punished as much for your mistakes and generally champion knowledge is lower. For example I'm a katarina OTP and I consider fizz a counter to her, however its still low elo therefore the fizz might have a slight advantage as its a counter, but im still able to win lane depending on how good the fizz is. So yes fizz is a counter but im still able to preform well. I dont think my example was the best one to choose because that was the first one i thought off, but obviously being a OTP I will know my champ better than others who only pick her occasionally. So overall i think counters arent really neccesary in lower elo because the outcome could still be completely the opposite. Also exclude the fact of junglers ganking lanes to help. However my friend said that counters are a really good way of having a little advantage in lane, he says that he will always try to counter pick the opponent for this advantage. But then i said to him that his general champ knowledge is lower because he is constantly picking loads of champs to counter others and not focusing on one or two champs to get really good with, which i think is a better way of climbing out of lower elo. not sure if im being a little biased due to im a OTP and always have been, so my thoughts of just playing one champ and getting extremely good with them, i think is the better option weather your playing vs a counter or not, your able to learn how to play against these counter picks to make it better for you. {{champion:55}} could i have other thoughts on this topic? and maybe a higher elo player giving their opinion on this? Thanks :)
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