Any tips on how to support better and get out of Bronze?

I dont know if im new or not, but, i´ve been on Bronze division since i started playing LOL, **im a MR 7 Bronze Sona main with 200k points**, and been playing this for a year or so, since S4 i believe, or S5 i dont know, but i still know little about this game. **_I dont even know what AP is_**, i just started the game one day, immediately fell in love with Sona, and decided to become a Sona main, and moved all the way to B2, but its very hard to support on Bronze, that im really getting desperate to be carried to Gold or Silver. But for that, i also need to git gud. So i ask all the help, because i may know the game, but know no tactics, nor ways i can improve as a Sona main. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
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