Shards and mastery tokens?

To get the "cheapest" mastery level 7, you need 3 champion shards of that champion. one to acuire the champion and 1 for lvl6 and 1 for lvl7 mastery. I am tempted to just simply ignore the mastery and disencant the 2 extra shards to be able to unlock more champions instead of getting the lvl7 "badge". -I want to know if Mastery level 6 and 7 give you any advantage in the game? -And is it worth it to disenchant 3-10 shards to then upgrade a different shard? Or do you just wait for BE (blue stuff) from other sources since your shards are limited and provide the best "price" when used/upgraded compared to buy chamions in the store? -Should I use my BE on runes instead? I dont know where I can buy the new runes anymore but I only have 1 runepage/set of runes that I use for all my champions. I have 54 champions unlocked, and 32 champion shards and 6600 BE. and I am lvl48. So the game is pretty fair for free to play players like me.

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