Need help with 3 Tilts!

Hi Guys! I tend to tilt in game for some stupid reasons. Not getting toxic or throwing the game per se, but I feel I can do nothing, when in fact I have lots of damage, which makes me not go as ham as I should in team fights, and I tend to go for my lane opponent, even if he/she is maybe not the best to go for, if he/she was annoying in lane. So need as much advice as I can get on the following 3 points, please (every point will have a TL;DR, don't worry): 1. Farming I am Silver level, so my CS is not the best, but I have a goal of 75 ever 10 minutes, which I rarely reach and easily tilts me for the mid/late game. Especially if I also try to trade (sometimes I simply just go too ham and die, leaving me with no chance to CS, but that is another matter). Lately I have felt some kind on RNG has been against me, fx I time my attack for last hit, but for no obvious reason minions change target, I don't get the last hit, and miss both the minion I initally attacked and the minion my minions randomly began attacking. If this is true or just my feeling I cannot verify at this point. I know that 90% of CS is Practice, Practice, Practice, but are there some other tips to easier last hit? some kind of minion manipåulation so I definitely know which minion to hit when etc? I play both AP and AD champs. _TL;DR Aside from practice are there tips for CS a silver player like me is unlikely to know?_ 2. Passive Lane Opponent I like to play aggressively, at this poihnt mostly in normals just to see my limits with my champions. But still, this leads me to get extremely annoyed at passive players, who just waveclear and otherwise stay away, and at some point I make a mistake and they kill me, with jungler and not. This usually leads to me focusing them to an unhealthy degree later in the game with varying succes, just to get some kind of revenge. Any tips on how to perhaps bait passive players into fighting me, so something happens in lane? I know I can roam, but would really like to focus on my own lane for now given my rank. Is there anything to do if you face someone playin passive with better waveclear than you? Fx I just played Ahri mid vs Malzahar, and aside form him being good at cheesing me, he really just cleared the wave with everything he had then backed off, leaving me to try and cs under tower while he roamed or backed or whatever. Really didn't know what to do. _TL;DR Can I do anything other than roaming if my lane opponent plays passively with better wave clear than me?_ 3. Lane Dominance This point may bleed a bit into point 2, but I usually find myself being dominated in lane if I don't just kill my opponent. Not talking about him killing me, just if we both just farm I usually get the short end of the deal. I try to last hit, and use spells and what not if needed, to clear the waves, but more often than not the wave just pushes into my tower, making cs harder and damaging tower over time. Have seriously had games where my tower slowly takes damage from minion waves, I die for the first time at around 10 minutes and poof, tower is dead. What am I missing about establishing some dominance in lane, so I can actually take their tower just by farming? _TL;DR If I do not kill my lane opponent, I often end up losing my tower just by minions pushing into and slowly damaging my tower. How can I establish lane dominance, so it happens to the opponent instead? _ P.s. This happens when I play top and Mid, not so much bot, and I have not included much champ pool, since I am still exploring and play many different champions, but the points still happen to me on every champ in every role. Any help is appreciated, thanks! On a side note, just got scared the crap out of me by getting honor 3 on the minimized client while I wrote this. Makes a loud sound, lol. But yay!
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