LOL non-logical game mechanics

(sorry for my bad af eng) Hi! I've been playing lol for almost half year now, and i still can't understand one thing: why lol game mechanics isn't binary? Like for example - when you recall under turret on low hp and get shot by a skill on a last second of recall cast, but you champion still get recalled and you die on you fountain. It doesnt make sense. How riot even programmed that?? You either die under your turret and stopped recalling (cuz you die) or you get recalled and doesnt die because you on your fountain and skillshot by an enemy just missed. There is cant be 1 and 0 at the same time. Or master yi alpha strike and tower shots on low hp (you either in alpha and dodge towershot, or your get towershot and cant cast alpha because you die) YOU CAN'T DIE IN ALPHA. And there is many examples: like leblanc 2nd w and blitz e (leblanc gets knocked up on her shadow). Where is the logic behind this?! Please explain to me.
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