Cheaters still rampant

I thought I would return after a hiatus and the first game went alright but the second one reminded me why I left. Cheaters. Kai'sa and Soraka in my last game on the enemy cheated without a shadow of a doubt. Some examples for the Soraka include: Healing when she had no hp (Under 10%) Getting 500+ health without ultimate from nowhere (Didn't hit Q) E always being pinpoint perfect as if scripting As for the Kai'sa, oh boy... Kai'sa, at level 2 and only a Doran Blade, dealt 200 AP damage, with no stacks, to me with just W. Scripting (Literally dodged every single skill shot thrown at her, even when there shouldn't have been a way) Doing an instant 2K damage and taking down me and Akail under fountain with her escaping Just, it is sad Riot haven't done anything to fix the cheaters... quite sad indeed.
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