how do i stop dying in my own jungler ganks?

I don't die usually in lane because I play super safe but as soon as my jungler ganks enemy laner usually takes advantage of me leaving tower range all ins me and kills me then flashes away this shit is so stupid and tilting I don't die when I am alone just when my jungler ganks and it's not like I can stop them from ganking because I play mid and get ganked a lot by enemy jungler (still don't die to enemy ganks 1vs2 lol) why does it keep happening? how do i stop lowering my guard so much that i die in a gank? why do %%%%ers turn into kill switch mode and seem impossible to outplay when the situation is supposed to GIVE ME ADVANTAGE and just so you know I throw my mouse when I get tilted by stupid situations like this help me stop the mouse abuse

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