A support guide for Thresh

A support Thresh guide for beginners. Hello, I’m a Thresh main who has around 800 games played on him, so I think I know what I’m talking about I’m also currently ranked diamond V. I go by the summoner name of SuchHookMuchWow on EUNE servers. I’m not in my prime anymore but I’m still better than your average Thresh. This guide will go through build paths, match ups, abilities and all phases of the game I’ll try to be as detailed as I can. Created for: This is created mainly for newer Thresh players, but older Thresh players can still find this useful but I do doubt it. For veteran Thresh players the only thing I can tell you is that you can use your E Flay mid hook. Content 1 Who is Thresh and what does he do. 2 Abilities, summoner spells and match ups. 2.1 Damnation - passive 2.2 Death sentence - Q ability 2.3 Dark passage - W ability 2.4 Flay - E ability and passive portion of the ability 2.5 The Box - R ability 2.6 Summoner spells 2.7 Combos 3 Build paths and runes. 3.1 Starting items 3.2 boots 3.3 Mid game items 3.4 Runes 4 Laning phase. 5 Mid- and late game. 1. Thresh is a champion who is mostly played in the support role since he has a lot of cc (crowd control) and offers many ways to peel for your carries or engage in a fight. 2 Abilities, summoner spells and match ups. Thresh has four active abilities and one passive ability. And I will explain their functions and usage in 5 subtitles. I will also cover summoner spell choices and match ups in the 6th subtitle. 2.1 Damnation, Passive ability Thresh’s passive ability - Damnation Thresh harvests the souls of fallen enemies gaining 0.75 armor and ability power for each soul. This ability provides a lot of armor in the mid- to late game. This ability allows you to go for early magic resistance instead of rushing a armor item like randuins or frozen heart. 2.2 Death sentence - Q ability Thresh binds an enemy to chains and pulls the target towards himself and upon reactivating this ability Thresh pulls himself to the target. This ability can hit minions. Thresh’s Death sentence is also known as thresh’s hook. Hook is a great initiation tool for teamfights and for bot lane skirshimes. You can also use the ability to peel for your carries. It has many uses and that’s why I suggest you max it first since it increases the damage and lowers the cooldown. This ability has a short windup animation so you have to predict where they’ll be when it hits, if the enemy has movement abilities like Lucian’s relentless pursuit his e ability you might want to take that into consideration when predicting enemy players movements. Even though you’ll be maxing this ability first you should start with your e ability - Flay unless you’re invading then you should start q ability - death sentence for the pick potential. 2.3 Dark passage - W ability Thresh throws out a lantern shielding nearby allies. Allies can click this lantern to dash to Thresh. Thresh’s Dark passage is also known as Thresh’s lantern. This lantern can be used as a shield a way to engage or disengage. It also works as terrain so you can throw it in front of people when running so they’ll have to run around it. When throwing Dark passage for fleeing allies throw it in front of them so that it’s a little bit ahead of them which makes it easier for them to take the lantern. Beware that your Dark passage can be body blocked or blocked with a ward so try avoid throwing it nearby enemies if you can. I suggest that you max this ability second since it lowers the cooldown and increases the amount of the shield which can be very useful in team fights (the shield is only for you and the person it lands on, you will get the shield by walking upon it or by someone else walking upon it). It also scaled with the souls you gather from your passive. You can also use the lantern to gather souls from dead minions, champions and monsters, by throwing it on/next to them. 2.4 Flay - E ability and passive portion of the ability The longer Thresh waits until his next auto attack the more damage he will deal with it (it does cap). Upon activation Thresh sweeps the ground with his chain, Knocking all enemies towards the cast direction. Passive portion The passive gives you a bit of damage to your auto attacks, and you can wait that the damage hits it cap and then auto attack the enemy adc or support once and back of this is most useful in the early levels. If you’re using relic shield the damage helps with using the relic shield since Thresh does not execute minions with his basic attacks. If you’re having a bad time relicing minions I suggest you max this ability first if not then you should max this ability last. Active portion Thresh’s Flay can be used in a multitude of ways you can engage or disengage with it and it’s a great peeling tool along with your other abilities. Flay can stop movement abilities such as Shyvana’s R ability - Dragon’s descent, But it can’t stop abilities such as ezreal’s e ability - arcane shift. I suggest you start with this ability but max is last. 2.5 The Box - R ability Thresh creates a prison around him that has 5 walls that will slow and deal damage if broken. This ability can be used to engage or disengage and is a semi-useful tool for escaping and it can be a great peel/kite tool against bruisers such as Jax or Renekton, the ability isn’t that good against mobile assassins such as Zed or LeBlanc. 2.6 Summoner spells For summoner spells there are two options, ignite and exhaust. Ignite is a good option if you’re going to be aggressive and go for early kills and it’s nearly a must have if the enemy team doesn’t have assassins such as Zed or Talon. I would run it if you’re an experienced Thresh player if not I’d suggest exhaust since you will be more comfortable with that and will have easier time winning and not dying. If you think you can win the lane ignite is better since it has better snowball potential. Exhaust is good when you’re going for a passive lane and you know it’s going to be a farm fest. If the enemy team have assassins this is really good since you can just exhaust them and most of their damage is gone. If you know you can win the lane don’t go for exhaust if you are unsure about the laning phase or think you’re in a disadvantage go for exhaust. 2.7 Combos There are quite a few combos you can do on Thresh, I’ll exclude auto attack since you’ll be constantly auto attacking after you cast the abilities, not between casts, unless you’ve frozen gauntlet then you’ll be throwing it after your first ability, this goes for every combo except for the ones that use animation canceling. Laning phase combos You want to walk up, cast E Flay and then Q Death Sentence if you’re looking to engage, after that just constantly auto attack and cast abilities once they come of cooldown. If you’re level 6 use your R The Box after your hook. This does not work if they’ve an jump/dash ability like Tristana W Rocket Jump. If you’re looking to disengage, Cast your E Flay and then R The Box. You might want to use your Q Death Sentence but only if you’re chased by a single person or if you want to drag them under tower. Turning on the enemy, you want to open up with a Q Death Sentence, then while dragging them towards you cast your R The Box and once the R slow is finished flay them towards you, while they try to run. While you’re getting a gank you might want to throw your W Dark Passage backwards and then flash while your ally is in the Dark Passage extending the ground covered by the Dark Passage. Follow this up with one of the other combos. You can use Q Death Sentence into a E Flay while you’re still hooking to cancel a part of the animation making your Q Death Sentence really fast. This is useful if you need to land a hook quickly. 3 Build paths and runes Thresh is a weird champion since his passive will be providing armor in the mid game so you can go for an magic resistance item before going for armor items after finishing your support item but you lack armor in the early game so you have to either get armor runes or be extremely squishy during laning phase. 3.1 Starting items Thresh has two options for starting items the first one is Relic shield and the second one is ancient coin. Don’t forget to build sightstone and boots before finishing your support item, depending on the gold situation it depends on which one you should buy first and on personal preference of course. Going frost queen’s claim isn’t adviced since Thresh can’t make full use of item since the passive might be tricky to proc in the mid and late game. In the lane it might be decent but after that it doesn’t help you as much as the other items do. Relic shield is the better option for aggressive lanes and you think there are going to be a lot of fights or skirmishes. It has great sustain since it heals both you and your adc the only problem with relic shield is that you’re prone to running out of mana. Ancient coin is a good option if you’re going for a farm lane and you know there won’t be that many fights ancient coin is the better option, since it gives more gold that relic shield but doesn’t give any combat any stats and is worse than relic shield when it comes to keeping your adc alive. Ancient coin can be started with if your team lacks initiation since you can just build a righteous glory and use their actives as initiation. Relic shield and ancient coin are very similiar to ignite (relic shield) and exhaust (ancient coin). 3.2 Boots There are five boots that are good on Thresh Ninja tabi, Boots of mobility, Boots of swiftness, Ionian boots of lucidity and Mercury threads. Boots of mobility are a great option if you’re going to be roaming a lot in the early game and work best if you’re not staying in lane but working more as a jungler. I personally buy them nearly every game just because I like roaming Boots of swiftness are a great pick up if you’re going to be roaming to the middle in the early but still staying more as a lane support rather than a roaming support and they are really good boots in the mid- and late game. They also work really well against teams who have a lot of slows and not that much hard crowd control (Fears, taunts, stuns etc. Slows are not hard crowd control) Ionian boots of lucidity are good because they’re a great way to get that final 10% cooldown reduction to cap on your cooldown reduction and also the lowered cooldown on flash is lovely if you’re going to be doing flashy plays or are out of position often. Ninja tabi work best against a attack damage heavy team that has a lot of auto attackers, I rarely build them since my runes and masteries provide me with the tankiness I need to survive the damage and I find mobility far more useful. Mercury threads are like swiftness but if their team has a lot hard crowd control (fears, taunts stuns etc. Slows are not hard crowd control.) instead of slows you rarely build then for the magic resistance but they might be enough magic resistance so you can go armor before magic resistance (if they have a heavy attack damage team.) 3.3 Mid game build Now that you’ve finished your support item have your boots and sightstone it’s time to build your first tank items. You can either go magic resistance or armor first (your passive gives you enough armor so you can go magic resistance items before armor if they have 2-3 ability power champions) might I add that health points work really well on Thresh since he gets a lot of armor without items. I recommend going 1 armor item and 2 magic resistance/health items like locket of the iron solari, frozen gauntlet and banshee’s veil Magic resistance items Spirit visage is a good tank item and is something I’d recommend on Thresh since. But in some scenarios such as if you need a beefy front line it might be a good idea to go Spirit visage instead of Banshee’s veil or going both of them. Thresh has no self-healing but it’s still a really good item. Banshee’s veil is a great magic resistance item since it gives good stats and the passive on it is insane it’s a great option for 1st or 3rd tank item. Abyssal specter is extremely out rated on Thresh both Ability power and magic resistance are good stats on Thresh and since you’re in the middle of the fight the aura will go to great use. If your team has a lot of ability power champions I’d recommend trying Abyssal specter. Armor items Frozen Heart doesn’t have the best base stats since Thresh gets a lot of armor from his passive, the aura is quite good and with spirit visage/Ionian boots of lucidity you’ll be able to cap your cooldown reduction.I’d only go this if the enemy team have a lot of attack speed reliant champions or have a heavy attack damage team in general. Frozen gauntlet is only tanky stat is armor which isn’t the most desirable stat on him because of his passive but the mana helps with mana sustain and cooldown reduction is a great way to cap your cooldown reduction or get it higher. The passive portion of the ability gives you some damage and helps with your kite since it provides an area of effect slow. Sunfire cape has really good base stats since it gives health points and armor which works really well with Thresh. This is a great pick up if your team lacks magic damage or damage in general. Randuin’s omen is a fantastic tank item and the active helps you to peel it’s better than sunfire if you can afford it and you don’t lack magic damage. Even if you do lack magic damage Thresh still does a lot of magic damage with his abilities so it is advised that you go randuins over sunfire if you can afford it. Hybrid/mobility items Zz’rot portal Has good base stats and is extremely good if your lanes are always pushed in. It doesn’t give health points but that isn’t a big thing since you get both armor and magic resistance so you can build something like a warmog’s armor after it. Righteous glory is an extremely good early/mid game item that has a lot initiation power and even more if you also have coin. You should go this first item since it isn’t that good in the late game but still might be something you need if your team doesn’t have any other initiation. Warmog’s armor is a great final item since you will probably have both enough magic resistance and armor. The flat health points are just extremely good on him and gives him a lot of sustain and the ability to be poked down and still be healthy and ready for a teamfight. Your final build should include boots of your choice, sightstone, support item of your choice and three tank/mobility items with a balance between health points, magic resistance and armor, note that your passive also gives a lot of armor. Locket of the iron solari is decent after the pre-season changes and is good and doesn’t really work with anything, it might be worth the buy after you get some health points. Banner of command is good since it can make a lane push and get a tower or even other objectives such as baron or dragon if used properly. 3.4 Runes Your runes should be different every game depending on the matchup, but I do understand that most people can’t afford multiple rune pages for a single champion so it’s a good idea to make a rune page that fits your play style on Thresh. There are a few rune page types you can go, tank, cooldown reduction, mana regeneration, ability power and attack damage. Tank rune page is really since Thresh has a really low base armor and Thresh works really well with tanky stats since his scalings are not the best. I suggest you go 9 marks of armor, you can have a mix of scaling health points and armor in your seals. You can replace scaling health points with flat health points but this is not advised. Your glyphs should be magic resistance and your quintessences should either be flat out armor, magic resistance, health points, health regen or movement speed or a mix of those. I personally prefer armor but the others can be good if you roam a lot I strongly advise buying movement speed quintessences since they are extremely strong. But again all of this is to your own personal preference. Cooldown reduction runes gives you more hooks and will help you cap your cooldown reduction more easily, not that it is hard in the first place with support item, frozen heart/frozen gauntlet and cooldown reduction/Locket of the iron solari. This will hurt your all in potential but will boost your mid game since you will have your abilities more abilities, and like most supports Thresh is all about abilities. You should Mana regeneration runes are good if you end up out of mana often. Like mana regeneration runes the cooldown reduction runes will hurt your all in but will improve your mid and late game as well as your poke. You should change you seals and/or quintessences to cooldown reduction or scaling cooldown reduction depending on what you prefer. Since you will not have any armor with the seals not being armor the best idea since you will not have any armor I suggest going armor marks. You can choose the rest of the runes based on what you like I suggest you reading all of the options to give you a good idea what to fill the rest with. Ability power runes give you more poke and work really well against Morgana and that is the only matchup you should use them in since with ability power runes you can penetrate Morgana’s black shield. Unless you like the extra poke it gives upon landing a hook these are not the best choice. You should just use your standard ability power rune page. If you do not have one I suggest you make one. The most standard ability power rune page includes nine magic penetration marks, armor seals, magic resistance glyphs and ability power quintessences. Attack damage runes Attack damage runes give you a lot of power in the laning phase and help you snowball early but don’t scale that well, you might also want to max E Flay and grab an ignite if you’re running them. The runes consist of attack damage marks, armor seals, magic resistance glyphs and attack damage quintenses. 4. Thresh in the laning phase is a playmaker who can be played passively just farming or trying to snowball, you should pick your items and summoner spell thinking about what you want to do. Sometimes you want to stay back and just be ready to W Dark Passage if a gank comes by. You usually want to push for level 2 and try to all in before the enemy hits level 2. There’s not much that I can tell you about the laning phase, most of it comes with experience and game knowledge. 5. Thresh is the mid- to late game is either a peeler or an engager who tries hooking the enemy back line. You should usually make the decision on which you want to based on how much damage does each back line do, if the enemy’s backline does more you usually want to try to get a pick on them if not you usually want to peel. You want to peel for your back line even if it does more damage if the enemy has a dive a comp or your team has no other peel than you. I can’t really tell you much about it since most of it comes with time and experience. You can use useful combo’s and such found above to help you with this, but there’s no easy to way to learn this.' There might be some incorrect information here and if you notice it, tell me and I'll correct it. I tried to change everything that was incorrect about it (I've had this lying around in my folders for a year or so now). Hopefully this was helpful and informative. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} Sincerely yours, SuchHookMuchWow P.S. I'm able to do this on a few other champions, which are Sivir/Viktor/Ezreal/Ashe/Fiora and I can do a less detailed guide on pretty much 95% of the champions. Just comment down if you'd like to see me talk about a certain champion or maybe even on a certain role. 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