What to play top?

I recently decided to stop playing support, and I think I settled on playing top instead. Obviously I am not playing ranked, because I am garbage, and Im not sure if I will ever play ranked again, however, what I will do, is practise playing top until I get decent at it, if that is possible at all. I am not quite sure what champions to focus on though, and would appriciate some advice or pointers. I really enjoy playing Teemo, but I am struggeling with CS/lasthitting compared to other champions. I also really enjoy playing Illaoi, but it feels like some matchups you dominate and some just get utterly destroyed. Also it worries me that she seems to fall off lategame, since scrub elo matches tend to be longer than average. Quinn is fun, but I do no damage at all, eighter because I am utter garbage or because of the adc nerf. I feel I have to be able to play a tank, but I have no clue what tank it is worth skilling up? I find tanking abnormaly boring, but in some cases I gather I would have to pick a tank as a toplaner. Asassin is just out of the question, because I dislike everything about the class. So what champions to focus on? Is it even possible to choose a pick+counterpick+spare like most people advice you should do in order to not play to many different champions? Wouldnt you risk getting hardcounterede all the time, because there is so many different matchups top?
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