Tips on climbing?

So I’ve been playing countless of games on plat,I’ve reached 99 lp on p1 more than 20 times but I never seem to be able to reach promo to diamond 4. Therefore,I keep bouncing up and down between p1 and p2 sometimes reaching even lower before going up.I know that p1 and d4 are technically the same (talking about skill) but how can someone reach d4 when they’ve been stuck on p1 for so long?Usually,I have issues in my ranked games as whenever I have a diamond teammate they tend to not care about the game and first time pick champs in ranked.Another issue is playing against smurfs and possibly not having a standard duo partner. I mostly play midlane or botlane,both adc and support.Ive been trying to stick to my main champion,Katarina,but I find it very hard trying to carry games when people in my team simply don’t care to win it.If anyone has any suggestions,I’d like to hear them.

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