Trying to get to level 30 is exhausting

I'm writing this because i believe that leveling up a new account in league of legends is both mentally and physically draining, Over my past 20 games at least one side has had one or more 'Toxic Players' this ranges from Verbally abusing others, running it down mid to AFKing. I wish i had an idea on how to fix this, like something that would reduce the amount of Toixc players in League of Legends but sadly i have no idea, The punishment system is really good... at times, but it's far from perfect. For Example: If a player is Racist/Sexist/Homophobic or Xenophobic they are banned almost instantly which is good, Same goes for those who excessively curse towards others. On the other hand, those that run it down or afk are not being punished even though in my opinion ruining a game for others is far worse than verbally abusing, you can mute players chat, you can't stop them from afking or intentionally feeding. I'm looking for some advice, What can i do in this situation... I love this game, i really do, but they're are so many toxic players out there and it's really killing the game for me, I really don't want to quit just because of the players, but it's starting to seem like that's my only option. Thank you all for your time, I apologies if this comes across as just another player complaining. Much love, Kash Akiyama
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