My opinion about beginners

I had a chance to start new account on EUW and here are my thoughts: 1. Very short and too easy tutorial. I feel like we have much more dmg and tower hits less on tutorial game. I saw lots of newbies on normals diving enemy all the time and dying. People ending with 0/13 and leaving game becaus of frustration. They don’t listen when I am writing that diving tower is a bad idea on this level. I think that they are sure it is possible because of tutorial. 2. Mixing smurfs and newbies. Yes I know its hard to recognize who is who but there can be some kind of placements based on few games score or short quiz, questions. I see in games that some people flame newbies in games on 5-10 level... They are also going champs like Zed and kill every newbie all the time. Honestly if I met such people at the beginning of my adventure with LOL Im not sure if I would continue. 3. Locked summoners. Why? What is the sense of locking flash or Ignite? Its very unfair for lower levels when enemy has flash and ignite. If you want to do it then Maybe dont pair people on such different levels... 4. Locked runes. Why people can’t start to learn new runes from the beginning? They know absolutely nothing about it. 5. No „savoir vivre” tutorial. I really miss such thing. Not everyone think about Watching streamers or reading guides. There is no introduction about meta, little guides about the roles and lanes. No special info about buffs, dragons. This game has so many years and it still didn’t develop a very useful tutorial. But I can say something good about starting new: leveling is much faster and comfortable. I’m getting a lot of champs in a very quick time. But that’s all. Feel free to share your opinions.
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