Executioner's Calling

{{item:3123}} {{item:3123}} {{item:3123}} {{item:3123}} {{item:3123}} {{item:3123}} {{item:3123}} {{item:3123}} {{item:3123}} {{item:3123}} {{item:3123}} {{item:3123}} If you lane vs Vlad, Illaoi, Maokai and all those healing champs just buy this. If enemy team has Zac, Mundo, Ww, just buy this. If you're tired of their healing, getting that frustrated feeling, And dont want to be feeding THEN BUY THIS AND STOP F**KING UP MY GAMES, thanks ^^ {{item:3123}} {{item:3123}} {{item:3123}} {{item:3123}} {{item:3123}} {{item:3123}} {{item:3123}} {{item:3123}} {{item:3123}} {{item:3123}} {{item:3123}} {{item:3123}}
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