Is Annie really simple to play ?

Since I started playing this game, everybody always told me that Annie is one of the easiest if not the easiest champion in the game for obvious and numerous reasons. She doesnt require any mechanics, her abilities are all point and clicks and she is relatively strong and reliable in all metas. The famous coach LS even suggest her to climb until at least gold. Ive played her myself and had some good games, however I do not think that this champion is easy to play. At least not the easiest one. I am having way more success by playing champions like Corki or Ahri. Here is my explanation (completely based on my personal experience) Although annie is a simple champ, she has many bad match ups. You dont have any mobility and therefore you are super vulnerable to ganks, your stun is only available after hitting 4 abiltites, so the enemy has just to wait till you cs with your Q and waste your stun to engage on you. Also her AA does no dammage which makes it super hard to last hit with her, AA, so you are forced to use Q and waste your stun. Any champion with mobility or range can just shit on you. Not to mention that she has no wave clear at all, takes ages to clear a minion wave compared to other champion like velkoz xerath corki or ahri. Why should I play annie and suffer from a lee sin ward jumping killing me instantly when i can play Corki press W and get under turret safely. Moreover, you get outpushed early on by most champions, which makes it impossible to follow a fight in the river, enemy mid will always be there first. Is it just me or does anyone else have problems playiyng this champion? I think she is good in certain team comps but awful for me most of the time. Do you guys have any advice ?
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