Climbing through Bronze- Tips

Hey Everyone, The other day i got de-ranked from Bronze IV to Bronze V. I didn't see this as much of a problem at first as i won my first match quite easily, however it was once i got into the second match that i started to notice a problem. The game i am talking about is when i was playing Lucian ADC. My lane was doing fine as my support was listening to me i managed to deny CS to the enemy bot laner as well at gain a great level advantage. I won my lane easily and got a few kills here and there but the problem i noticed where the other players on the Rift. When playing in this match it seemed like they took the term solo queue too literally in terms of thinking little of their team and more of their overall score to the end game. This was apparent when attempting to talk or ping my fellow teammates as they would ignore them and carry on doing what they wanted. Is there a way to get my team to hear me out?{{champion:236}}
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