Help about ranked placements

Hello everyone i am level 42 player and today i wanted to play my ranked placements.I didnt want to do it for a long time since i my sister ,who is gold 1, told me i needed to get better at the game and i thought i was ready to it today.I played four games two wins and two losses.The thing is sucked at all four games in the two wins i was carried by my team and the other two we lost.The thing that surprised me the most is that in all four games were players that are raked gold,silver even one diamond i think.I checked every single profile after game and they were all at least high silver...NOt even a single bronze i think.How in the world am i supposed to play with and against these people.Why am i playing with them?Why are there no iron players or bronze players?What does the game expect me to do against these players?Does my mmr from non ranked games influnce my ranked matchamking beacuse i am a pretty average player,why i am not playing with iron and bronze players,getting flamed by toxic urgot{{champion:6}} is not nice even though i said i him ten times i am playing my placements.Sorry for the long the long post.
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