Veteran Master tier player giving tips to improve your gameplay - Just ask me!

{{champion:17}} Hello. I am a support main currently at master tier. I have played thousands of ranked games in the last 4 seasons. I've reached challenger several times, but since my mechanical skills are still lacking I haven't been able to stay at challenger. I still have tons of experience with this game, and I would like to help you improve your gameplay by sharing them with you. Some things you can ask me about: -Itemization -Runes and masteries -Objectives (inhibitor or baron?) -Counterpicking -Non-meta pick (is this champion viable? Can you go singed support?) -Trolls/flamer (How to handle them?) -What to do in early, mid and lategame (group or splitpush?, Engage or poke?) -How to recover from a lost lane -LP and mmr (why do I get 17LP for winning and -23 for losing?) -When to surrender? You can basically ask me about anything and I will try my best to answer.

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