Should I listen to others?

I have this question where a lot of players keep telling me "how to do things". Usually they are very stubborn and says that they "know it's correct" The thing is doe that when one had maybe 1000+ hours on a champion and get something like "You are building wrong!". Should you think about it and build what they guy is telling you? Or should I keep going the things hat work for me? For example, I played Pyke as a gold player today, and decided to due q with another gold player who told me he "used to be" diamond. I am a support player, he players everything but support. I got super ahead early and decided to buy Yommus over umbral. And he told me with stubborn focus that Umbral should always be first item. Should I listen? Even through in my opinion Yommus would help me snowball? Another example would be that a Vayne player builds stormrazor, while a higher elo player tells her that the item is trash.
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