ARAM only player considering to return as a Midlaner on the Rift, looking for main

Hello fellow Summoners, my name is Scuffproof and I've been playing this game (with shorter and longer breaks in between) since early Season 2 around the time Sejuani/Ziggs were released. Maining Kennen (back when he wasn't a Toplaner) and Ahri, Midlane was pretty much always my favorite role. I've considered getting back to Midlane and thanks to my ARAM experience, there are quite a few champions I've considered maining for that role since they felt fun. But before I come to that champion pool, let me list some of my play style preferences and criteria for what I'd like my ideal Mid main to play like: - Assassins are the most fun class to me. There's nothing that hypes me up more than quickly jumping on a squishy (or two if you're fed enough) in a teamfight or skirmish, insta-deleting them and then getting out, all through a well placed flank. Burst Mages are also really fun but they aren't as mobile and stealthy. Control Mages and Battle Mages are a bit less fun but my least favorite Midlane class is probably Poke Mages (maybe that's just due to ARAM poke PTSD, whatever). There are some exceptions to the rule obviously. - It's been an extremely long time since I've played Summoner's Rift and while ARAM may have taught me a bit about how to teamfight and siege, it didn't teach me anything about 1v1 lane matchups. Obviously experience is needed in everything you do in life but I'd like to main a champion at first who doesn't require lots of matchup experience to do decently well on. - Figuring out mechanically more demanding champions usually isn't that much of an obstacle for me, the above point of lack of matchup experience is far more important. - I also like consistent champions, i.E. Champions that don't get completely blown out of the water by certain enemy team comps, specific counterpicks (one is fine since you can just ban that counterpick) etc. So now that that's out of the way, these are the Midlane champions that I thought were the most fun when I played them on ARAM: Azir, Katarina, Talon, Ahri, Fizz, Twisted Fate, Zoe, Malzahar, LeBlanc I'd like to especially talk about Azir and Katarina since I'm the most unsure about whether I should main them. Azir is obviously a bit on the weaker side right now since the Q cooldown nerf and games being shorter than ever but he's so fun and I managed to win quite a few ARAM games thanks to well executed Shurima shuffles, overall got pretty decent at this champ just by getting him in ARAM a few times, so his high skill floor doesn't seem to be a huge problem for me. Kat is also super high on my fun list but I'm afraid she doesn't match well with my above criteria since she can get get gimped super hard by CC comps, has many counterpicks and generally has weaker laning and relies mostly on roaming to snowball from what I heard which means I'm afraid I won't do super well on her until I got tons of matchup experience as you do not ever want to fall behind on Kat. And while I obviously care about improving, I mostly play this game to have fun and doing poorly obviously isn't fun so... The above list is a pretty mixed bag of champions and I know a lot of these most likely don't even fulfill all the criteria above. But with that in mind, I'd like to hear some suggestions for which of the champions I listed you think would be best for me to main. If you think you know a champion I didn't list but fulfills the criteria perfectly, feel free to suggest that champion as well of course! Thanks in advance for the suggestions! :)
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