Can I improve MMR while still loosing games?

I have been playing this game a while now. From what I have read one can only gain mmr by winning multiple games in a row. Is this the only way? Surely when I loose a game with a kda of say 5-1-2 and some others in team have 0-8-3 there is some justice in the fact that they loose more than me? Or is this a system no matter what the outcome we all loose the same? I know its a team game and all, but there really are many people out that just suck, refuse to listen to good advice. I have no idea, none what so ever how I am supposed to carry myself every single game 1 v 5. I can play any champion you like but its not going to ensure I can climb when you 2 other lanes are loosing so hard and giving up. I am exasperated as to how to change the situation. I have asked people for coaching etc. I have trained and implemented the feed back yet still I am sat in bronze. I am really lost!!! Please help. I would like to know if there is a way to minimize mmr loss when loosing a game.
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