im achually livid

I did placements won 7 lost 3 and i was on an 8 win streak which was pretty cool. 2 days later I went from 12 win 4 loss to 12 win 10 loss and now I don’t know what to do. Don’t wanna play ranked and some games it was my fault but bro some games I genuinely was questioning how some of these players are still even motivated to play the game over how bad they were. S4 last season and in 2014 G1 or P5 on a previous account. I see why people say once you are in bronze you will never get out but it’s so frustrating having the adc not carry and then blame everyone else even though it is solely their fault most of the time. And does no one on this game know what ‘play safe’ means. Its not that hard to play underturret and, and still be equal in strength. Also I’m my win streak I carried with either yasuo or syndra but now yasuo is banned every %%%%ing game or picked. And the one %%%% I did finally get yasuo I was against a zed who I hate and dk how to counter (genuinly) and a jungler that said he would gank but then he would disappear into the abyss, passive farming in jungle. Also not rlly new player but I didn’t know where to put this
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