What is a good "CS Per Minute" score to aim for consistently?

Hi everyone! So a few days ago I learned about the lane management by controlling lanes, positioning, zoning and denying enemies their minions and trying to keep their gold count as low as possible. I've also aimed to get the enemies to burn their summoner spells and then choose between over extending (where I can safely poke at them) or lose lots of minions. If there is a jungle who cooperates well with the team, this is usually resulting in a few early level kills for me and our jungle against their mid. I've been looking at the op.gg website, and another thing I'm trying to improve on is how many minions I can kill from my lane. Lately I've been hovering around 6.5 - 9.1 CS per minute, and I'm just wondering if anyone knows what would be a relatively good number to be above consistently? Thanks!
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