How do you play a lane you can't be in?

Hey guys Question: When entering your lane means you are dead, only question is for how long the enemy lets you live, how do you play? Example: I play Yorick top vs Tryndamere. Things happen, he dives me every time he has ult or flash, I die. I literally die, come back to lane, wait undert ower so I can farm minions, he dives, I die, repeat. This specific example is not relevant, merely an example of the overall problem. I want to know what to do in general. There are 1437 things that can be done so that situation is not a thing. I don't care about those in this post. There are 57 (?) champions I can play into another 57 (?) champions that would always survive a dive from the enemy champion. I don't care about those. I care about what I do to be in the game, when going to lane is literally equal to me dying. Thank you

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