Win loss percentage. I think riot trying to troll me.

Apparently everyone should end up averaging a 50% win loss ratio or something. But im convinced riot are messing with or something. I am a flamer i admit, i also admit im not good. But my newest account 20 losses and 6 wins ranking up. Every account the same with a 65 to 70% loss ratio. I have seen xp bot accounts that auto play with better win loss ratios. I dont feed my ass off, i play every role. But every game it seems from the first minute one of my lanes or all them are dying non stop. I guess im not playing right macro wise to help my team enough. But shouldnt i at least get closer to 50 % if i go even in lane farm about 70 cs for 10 mins and dont feed? its been happening for years, granted i dont play often and come and go from the game. But the constant feeling like the enemy always get a way more skillful team frustrates me and i stop playing. I'm not good enough to put the whole team on my back and carry games. I tend to just be safe and try to play utility champs, as thats what i enjoy. I know people say it will even out, but ive had many accounts from season 4 playing on and off and it never does. Ive tried every role, i spend a fortune on every account and i feel now its so easy to become toxic because for so long my win loss ratio has been so bad, Again i get it, if i was good id be able to carry, but why cant i just be average, not lose lane and get more of like a 50% win rate. Why have i lost 20 games and won 6 on a new account. I cant be that bad. Riot, pls stop. You had your fun, that that flag on my account that keeps putting me on the weaker team to annoy me.
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