idk what to do..

ok just got lvl 5 on my main and went in a batell. my luck was to fight against a yasuo .. got ganked once.. then he killed me one more time...then i started to get kill too.. after that fuking teemo came and was geting all the kils.. so i couldnt get strong... we losed ... and they said that they will report me.. ok thats not the problem.. what makes me angry is that teemo got all.. and he didnt apologized for ks...and still was my faulght.. i feel that its put too much perasure on lvl 5... and i wish i could have asked them if they never had bad games... i even apologized cuz i made THEM flame cuz i had a bad start... if they were so pros why the hell didnt they came mid against yasuo... i dont care if they reported me.. but i care that they blame others in a savege way for the lose of the game... not thinking that they could be in the same place ... and that they roar like ANIMALS( here we see the animal part of the human) that u ks.. but fuking teemo blame me cuz we losed.. but why we losed.. .cuz couldnt get a kill. and why? cuz fuking retarded teemo just blaming and ksing... what can i do? at least to get rid of the preasure (my main is syndra) and for syndra players.. could you give me some tips how to fight against fizz.. yasuo.. and zed.. kata ist that big of a deal... if i outplay her in early game she will be esay target... and ik that i dont need to pay attention to flamers.. but ik that a part of the lose is by me... because i hadnt played at max potential... i wais they could put them in the same situation of a lvl 5..
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