Playing LoL after long break

Playing LoL after 4/5 years break!
Hey guys, last time i played LoL was in s4-5 then i hit d2 and i quit because i couldnt progress more :X when i got banned from WoW i decided to give it a try once agian.
Hey guys, Few days ago i decided to give a LoL another try. Last time i played was in season 5 then i got to d2 ( Riven main btw ) and i quit because i couldnt progress more and i got super angry cuz of that reason xD I decided to record my it was actually 2nd game >.> of my returning and share it with all of you. Maybe you can give me advices how i can blow my dust/rust away and get better ^^ a lot of stuff changed. Theres a lot of new champions. For first time i played Xayah and honestly i enjoyed it a lot. Mechanically i'm super rusty so dont blame me for it : [ theres a video if you want to see my thoughts and reactions of playing for first time after 4-5 years xD pst: sorry for clicking noises ^^
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