Instructors - Who are they, and what do they do?

You may have seen some people posting around these boards with a light blue name and a title of "Instructor". Who are they, and what do they do? tl;dr they are here to help newer players get better acquainted to League of Legends - further details below! > **What is an instructor?** The instructors are a group of fairly experienced players (although not necessarily high-elo!), dedicated to helping players in terms of building a better in-game experience and game-knowledge. The instructors will focus on three main points: - Explaining to new players the fundamentals of the game - Helping everyone to step their game up - Resolving player’s game anxiety This is the basis of this program - the instructors will manage this program independently, constantly trying to find new ways to help you out with your in-game struggles! If you think you have a great idea for the program, feel free to post it for consideration! The instructors are a relatively new concept to the EU-EN community, and will be striving to improve and level up over time! > **Why do we need instructors and who will they help?** In the past, many players did not have anyone to help them out if they get stuck. The instructors, are here to fill this gap! As to who they are going to help, we believe that there are three categories that should be the main focus: - People that have never tried MOBA-type games might feel lost at the beginning, thus they will try to clear all the questions a new player might have. - More experienced players often get stuck, not knowing what to do next in order to improve. - Players feeling frustrated by the game, whether feeling like they are just not good enough to advance, or feel that everything is playing against their favour. > **How are they going to achieve this?** The instructors will implement various strategies to achieve their goal. Some of the things they will provide are: - Comprehensive guides. - Analysis of game strategies and synergies. - Informative videos. - Watching your replays to spot mistakes. - Playing together to help you improve. They will always try to guide you to relevant information sources or volunteer that is best suited to help you out with your struggles - sometimes the best information is already available, so rather than reinventing the wheel, they can assist you in finding this information and making sense of it. > **Can the Instructors teach every rank?** The instructors ultimate goal is being able to help every player. Currently they will focus on the new players and the low-elo ones, since it is an entirely new program - the team is small and their resources are very limited. Never the less, if you are a high elo player, feel free to ask questions on the [Champions and Gameplay]( boards and they will try their best to help you out. > **What is planned for the future?** The instructors are currently making a LoL-Encyclopedia which will be called The Book Of War. It will contain all the quintessential game knowledge, separated into different volumes according to difficulty and skill level. The Instructors program will develop over time depending on where we see need and value. Right now they have many things planned, and will be prioritising them as they evolve! > **What can’t instructors do?** Instructors are not here to play ranked with you and carry you out of ELO hell. They will give you advice and tips, but do not expect them to carry your games - they're here to help you carry yourself! :-) - They won’t be organizing tournaments. - Unless it’s related to game knowledge or mechanics, they won’t be able to help you with any other aspects of the game (account management, prices, security, bugs, etc...)” - The instructors, like the rest of the community, are helping out in their own personal time. As such, they may not be available at all times - it's purely dependent on schedules! - They are not Riot employees - they are volunteers who wish to help out the community. Always keep in mind that Instructors, Emissaries and Wrenchmen invest their free time outside of school, work or university to help people without getting anything for it…except the joy of helping others. So please treat them with respect and please be understanding if they are not able to help immediately. > **I want to be an Instructor, where do I sign up?** We will be keeping an eye out for people who show an aptitude and the right attitude to be an Instructor, and will get in touch with them accordingly. Basically, we look for people who are already doing what the Instructors do, just without the title - and reach out to them as encouragement and simply to recognise what they're doing is awesome :-)
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