I want to climb.

I want to be clear about this: I want to climb. That's my goal, nothing else. How am I doing that? Here's my problem: I don't feed at all, which helps me shut down my lane opponents. My farm is decent, I have often the potential to get ahead in cs and level, and that helps me become a threat to my lane opponent. Problem is, after a while, my lane will count 0 deaths/kills but every other lane will have an average of about 7 kills or deaths, and depending on which side, I either lose or win. Of course, I gradually get a kill or two in my lane, but still it's so few that it becomes irrelevant, UNLESS my other lanes have not that many kills/deaths and then I can force winning fights. But this is EXTREMELY EXTREMELY RARE. Because of that, I was much more successful in 3v3, as I was shutting down lane opponents, while being able to assist the other lane/jungle early on. That helped me climbing in very few games. Something that it's currently impossible to take advantage of, in such a big map. So, it is clear I do not enjoy taking risks, and I prefer to focus on slowly but surely getting strong in order to win fights around objects. But this gets me nowhere. I was thinking that since I don't throw games, I could just rely on getting the winning team half the times, and climb because of that. But I am not sure if this is going to work. So I thought to ask about what should I do in order to climb. Thank you for reading.
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