How get runkup in Bronze ? /Help me/

Hi lol players. I've been trying to get out of bronze for about 3 months. I'll mention that I do it solo. But now it's happened that one you can't win needs a team, but now lol drafts has put a curse on me. I decided to collect my last 20 games. And you'll be able to see exactly what team I'm draft JG JUSTO GO AFK, AND SUPPORT GO INT, PRESS ULT - FLASH And start troll Next match bot - adc feed and left, soraka just afk . U can see Darisu when score was 2/12 go afk . And 0 know , how farm . Erly win, but teemo just go afk, left the game. And insta lose. RIOT Need change system, when some left the game - give team bonus mony, or smth, so all time when some left in Bronze ,- its total lose. Yup i have 4/10/10 erly i bulit supp, but when ezreal just go under turret, i build ap, and can assist, other teamates, but ezeral just go feed. I report, but lol staff, i think dont watch report about feed. Stats - 2 pre. 70% mb, i have that score, but - Swaint just go jg and stay, when yi get good feed, and what i can do, when top feed nasus and mid feed yi and kass ? Erly )) I just go gank bot, but bot can kill feed yi and nasus, so it is mis and top foult - U can see {{summoner:3}}
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