The 5 things you need in a team/champion pool.

Those 5 things are Tank Bruiser Attack damage Ability Power And Crowd Control. Some of these things overlap like tank + attack damage 9 times out of 10 is a bruiser. {{champion:102}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:24}} Tank + Ability Power 9 times out of 10 Makes crowd control {{champion:32}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:154}} The are out liers to this for example {{champion:14}} has a retared amount of cc for an ad tank. {{champion:36}} has very little cc for an ap damage tank (about 75% of his damage is magic if you didnt know...) You need each of these for a balance team. If you have no tank you have no body guard or real front line a bruiser cant really replace this. If you dont have a bruiser you dont have a champion that can dive the back line and kill the priority targets. If you dont have a mage you generally lack aoe damage and burst. If you dont have an adc you generally lack sustained single target dps to kill tanks. If you lack crowd control you lack the tools needed to start and end fights as well as catching people out. Your notice the is 5 things a team needs, the is 5 rolls umm maybe one per roll? tank top? bruiser jungle? Ap Mid? Ad adc? crowd control support? Think about your team comps. Dont pick {{champion:238}} if the is not room for a zed. I dont care if you pick {{champion:102}} {{champion:5}} or {{champion:254}} for the jungle roll but please do not pick something like {{champion:36}} unless a bruiser is gonna be taken top lane instead threw an {{champion:39}} or a {{champion:24}}. Dont pick a "support" like {{champion:63}} unless you have a fat cc bot somewhere else like {{champion:111}}. Stop fucking up your own teams it helps no one. "but like a diamond zed and bronze everything else so thats why im silver" no your not if zed is your most played... and your silver... your a silver level zed you are not fakers grandson.
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