So I am just bad

After climbing back and forth between Gold V and Silver 1 for like 6 times (after a 2 months climb from Bronze 2) I finally dropped down to Silver V 0 LP. And I tried everything. And I literally mean everything. I played tanks, assassins, adc's I tried to teamplay, I tried to soloplay. I tried utility champions, I tried self sufficient ones. I even tried to play support. I just cannot climb anymore. Not even to Gold V again. I was hoping to reach platinum by the end of the season since I first reached Gold V in Season 5 but I am just too bad to find out my most important mistakes as I just keep doing them. Ever since Azir was nerfed(I mained him) I could not find a champion that I can main and climb with. I dont even have an idea how I got to Gold V this season. I just cannot have carry games. I often get amazing kda's and I still lose. I am just bad and too stupid to improve.
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