Season 1 of "Apocalypse"

Before 5 years... {{champion:1}} "Oh well... it looks like a bomb hit this place. And... where is anybody? {{champion:105}} "They are all died... {{champion:1}} "What? But... how and why? By the way, who are you?" {{champion:105}} "Well, I am Fizz, your new friend, ha, ha! Okay, sorry... They died it's because a virus. It is apocalypse, you know..." {{champion:1}} "Well, I guess not... who is apocalypse?" {{champion:105}} "Well, it's like a virus. Everybody dies in it." {{champion:1}} "I don't want to die!" {{champion:105}} "Then get out of this place, little girl. Run out of apocalypse's zone. Go! {{champion:1}} "But... how are you?" {{champion:105}} "I will take it. It's because nobody cares about me..." {{champion:1}} "I care about you. C'mon, Fizz! We can do it together!" {{champion:105}} "No, I will stay here. There're so many lifes in this place and I need to help them all. Bye!" {{champion:1}} "No, wait! Oh well, I'm alone again. So, Annie, go out how Fizz pleased. Hm, he was really friendly..." Now... {{champion:78}} "Hey, I finally found a new sign. Come here and check it out!" {{champion:68}} (Came to see) "Oh, wow! This is not a sign, you know. It's... um... Oh my god! It's a little girl!" {{champion:78}} "Are you sure with that? She don't move..." {{champion:68}} "She sleeps, Poppy! Let's get her inside. C'mon, help me! Oh, she is heavy..." {{champion:78}} "Ugh... Heavier than I thought... Uh, here we are... Hm, she looks so young. And hurted!" {{champion:68}} "By the way, her name is Annie. I know her it's because we have been in one team. Whatever..." {{champion:78}} "Maybe Sona can heal her? What do you think?" {{champion:68}} "She is busy now by healing others. And I don't know when she will be free." {{champion:78}} "Ugh, I hate these days! It was so hard! Ah..." {{champion:68}} "Don't be a little kid, Poppy. You are fighter with apocalypse and you need to stay strong. It's because I am nothing without you." {{champion:78}} "Yeah, I know. Thanks, Rumble. You are such a good friend. I am so excited that I met you." {{champion:68}} "You are welcome. Oh, she wakes up... Um... hi?" {{champion:1}} "AHHHH!!!!" {{champion:68}} "Ouch, my ears! What the hell?!" {{champion:1}} "Who are you? How dare you to say "hi" to me? Huh, how? Answer me..." {{champion:78}} "Hey, realax! We saved you. We are not evil. Like... Vladimir?" {{champion:1}} "Vladimir is not evil... Okay, enough! Where am I?" {{champion:68}} "You are in... hm, what it this place?" {{champion78}} "Ugh, my god!" (comes out of house) {{champion:1}} "What is wrong with her?" {{champion:68}} "Never mind, she just a little bit depressing, I guess..." {{champion:78}} (talks from outside) "I'm not depressed! Shut up! (comes in) Sorry, little girl, but this cat is really annoying..." {{champion:68}} "Cat? Excuse me?! Whoa, you don't know what this cat can do!" {{champion:1}} "Guys, stop it! My name is Annie, what about you?" {{champion:68}} "My name is Rumble and she is Poppy. We are best friends forever..." {{champion:78}} "Not forever. We are just friends. I met him unexpectedly." {{champion:68}} "Ha, ha, very funny... (it's not funny for him) by the way, Annie, what are you doing in this place?" {{champion:1}} "I have lost and didn't know where was I. And then I saw this house's lights but slept in grass. I didn't have any power to stay on my legs. I was really tired." {{champion:68}} "That's nothing. Now you are with us and that's really cool it's because we are searching for some friends. Welcome to the..." {{champion:78}} "...Idiots' party!!!" (starts to laugh loudly) {{champion:68}} "Wait, I didn't mean that. Did you forgot our party's name?" {{champion:78}} "Okay, okay. Welcome to the fighters' of apocalypse party. You know, that apocalypse is a virus and it's controlled by mystery mag. We don't know who is he." {{champion:1}} "Mag? So, apocalypse is not created by itself?" {{champion:78}} "Nope, Annie." {{champion:1}} "Are you, guys, fighting with that mage?" {{champion:68}} "With his creatures, correctly. He creates some creatures and names them by very short names. By the way, those creatures are very poisoned for us. We can't touch them with hands or other body's place." {{champion:1}} "Thank you for some information, guys. I am hopefully that we will become best friends and fighters soon."
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