Question regarding champ price reductions

Hey all, Not really an new player anymore but since its an new player related question (or atleast an helpfull one to new players who dont have much money to spend) I figured I'd post it here. In another post I asked about how the pricing of champs work and I was told that the price of champs gets reduced when new champs are added. Today the new patch launched which included an new champ so I was wondering if this means that all the other champs get an price reduction. And, as my second question; do these price reductions also get calculated into the champ shards you already own? (so if I have for example an ornn champ shard does that price also gets reduced if an champ gets released after I already got the ornn shard) Reason why I ask is because I dont have much access to spare money so I need to spend my blue essence more carefully and would hate to spend around 4k on an champ (Rakhan and maybe leona) when they are about to get an cost reduction. Hope someone can help with some info on if, and when an price reduction will happen :)
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