You're a challenger.

League of Legends builds itself upon a culture of unhealthy competitiveness. In most circumstances, competitiveness is healthy, productive, and rewarding. In league however, it is not. At least not for the majority of the player base. We as a community have developed this sense of soul responsibility within a team-based platform. Often on these forums you will see people claiming that 'it's all on you'. If you're not winning, it's because you're not carrying hard/well enough. And this is true, if you're that 10% of the player base who have the skill/understanding to carry a game by yourself. However, for most of us, league is a game in which we participate with nine other people. These people, despite the MMR system all have varying skill levels, and even varying circumstances. Your performance might be altered by numerous events throughout your day to day life. And yet, when you lose - the onus is on you, and you alone. This is what the forums will tell you. This is what the pro's will tell you. This is what you will tell yourself. And in the long run, that will damage you. You are participating in a group activity with four other players on your team, and when you lose, you are saying - 'it's all my fault', and usually, three other people on your team are telling you that too, with harsher words. The point of this post, is to remind you to value yourself. Often in this game, those who take it a little too seriously, like myself, can feel anything from anxiety and loneliness, to anger and depression. We feel all of this because despite League being a team-based game, it is treated as a solitary trial, in which how high you can climb reflects your own self-worth. You will be devalued by those around you, and by yourself because you failed to outperform another person on a video-game. But that shouldn't happen. You need to remember that you have value. That you have talents, you have skills, you have worth outside of League of Legends. Maybe you suck at the game, I sure do, but I'm damn good at running DnD, and keeping to a gym schedule, and making my girlfriend laugh. So, if you remain iron forever, %%%% it, that's fine. You're iron in league, but you're a damn challenger in life.
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