I need help with low elo

I'm a Shen main and my highest rank was gold 3 at s6. Now I'm silver 3 at S7. I have problem with other players that abusing me because I try to protect them as Shen and I mostly die protecting them at teamfights. I'm taking the half of damage (and the most) at teamfights but when they retreat or splitpushing and the tf starts, they don't do the good use of Shen. When my bot is on danger, I ult the adc but it dies instantly at 2 vs 4 or 5. Nobody sends pings or warnings. Some times I'm busy farming and splitpushing and I don't know what to decide. The adc or the turret? I cannot trust anybody there because they don't communicate. It just like one army with only 10 soldiers protecting a big country from 100000 soldiers and. I can't farm because I'm forced to protect my team, I'm taking the most damage, I'm securing the objectives and how I'm ending? With bad KDA and harassing me everyone even the enemy team saying "gg ez noob Shen" . I main him since S4 and he has still fun for me but my point is not that Shen needs buff. Generally I'm talking for the game, the communication and how to be better at Ranks. I'm really titled many times because I try my best and nobody appreciates my help as any champion that I played. I making many mistakes but I try to reduce them. I need some advice that how to be better at League Of legends{{champion:98}}

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