What exactly is wrong with people? And some respect to the supports!!

Hey everyone, I will need to apologize beforehand, as english is not my native language for making errors in writen speach! So, i started League last year, played quite a few matches and then stopped cause of work issues. After a few days i decited to give it another try while chosing to main support (me old days as a dedicated healer in mmos came forth) and found what types of champion-s i like playing. So jumping aboard the train i started with some normals and then off to ranked where the last few matches almost ruined it... Constant flaming, toxisity, more often than not people blame you for anything, from not warding when and where they want too, to the oh so great "no dmg report plz"...and ofc words about cancer and family etc etc and the list goes on... Im not saying im a great player, i dont know if im even good, guess i wouldnt be bronze 2 if i was, but i try to learn and improve! Maining support is not easy, you must always have awarness and it feels like babysitting and if someone dies its your fault (not saying i did everything i could, at least at that time it seemed right). Flaming and cursing and other things because "i focus the enemy support" well yeah i stunned him so he cant counter while you were diving right in the middle of their duo, had shielded you and healed you, i pinged that you should get out cause i was out of mana yet still, its my fault you died...but yes flame me (quite often others join the flame train). I know im frastruated and i just want to vent a bit but its quite a burden to costantly been flamed. I watch my replays so i can improve, yes i main Taric cause i like his style, yes i try very hard really really hard even in situations that we lost a trade or a match (and somehow its my fault and only mine) to see what i could have done better.... I guess because i consider myself still new to the game i dont have my defences up yet as i should but boy the lack of respect to your fellow support or teammate in general is just...dishearting Thank you for all for reading this, after all its a game that supposedly we should have fun with Seeing you in the Rift! Have Fun!

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