Advice to help you get out of bronze

Okay so first of all I have been in bronze before, and not just that I was stuck in Bronze 5 and now I am pretty much back in gold The thing is, if you are bronze 5, playing like a bronze 2 player, you are going to stay in bronze, to get out of bronze you need to be playing like a Silver 3 player because you need to set yourself a high goal. For example your goal is Silver 5, if you fall short of your goal you will hit around mid high bronze on a bad day. If you set your goal around s1 s2 then on a bad day you are hitting S5. One hard thing I had to learn is you can't play passive in bronze and you can't go even. A good thing is going to normal for a while, picking up a couple of champs, and learning runes, like really studying them and studying the items, because recommended items are not always the best for your lane. Be a play maker, take risks, if you don't do this you won't get out and aim high, not just for silver

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