Which champion to play/buy

Hello there, Last friday I started playing LoL and it´s been quite fun so far. I started playing Ahri but I died rather fast because of my somewhat aggressive playstyle and impatience. After some time I got to know how to play long ranged champions and changed to Miss Fortune and I got a bit better while playing her (more or less lel). Figuring out that there were over 100 other champions I went trough them and found some which I´d like to have and play sometime. So here´s my question. From all of these champions, the ones that appealed most to me were Xayah, Kindred, Lucian, Zoe and Yasuo (Yasuo just because I heard that he´s easy to play and a mainstream champ) But idk which I should buy/play (once I´ve got the required resources ofc). {{champion:498}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:142}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:157}} So what I was wondering was which champion would be most suitable and effective to play for me personally according to the opinions of some more experienced LoL players. Feel free to share your knowledge with me, please. Thx in advance, Azariya
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