I am currently silver 2. Please recomend me some champs to climb to gold with . I'm currently a fizz main and potentially talon, ahri, tf or kassadin. I am doing a level 30 only playing 2 champs and I wanna know which 2 champs are best. I heard tf and kass aren't good because they are scaling and require your team aswell. Whereas where I play fizz n talon I'm fed n roam but some games I can't as they play safe n my team also feeds and can't carry. I wish for some general tips to climb and if I had to choose 2 to play at a gold/plat level which champs are best as I think my mechanics are pretty decent as I used to main riven and practiced her combos alot. HOWEVER my macro and game knowledge sux becuz I used to only focus on those. Pls recomend me 2 champs and why they're better than the rest. One more problem: im so annoyed at myself for not sticking to main(s) because I always tilt and feel X champ can't carry when I lose with feeders while I do good then demotivates me to play. What are Ur stretergies to play continuously on a champion even if I don't love that champ but enjoy it. Soz types on phone Thanks for replying in advance
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