How are new players supposed to buy " ALL " champs ?

Well i will say,i'm quite new player,i started to play LoL in season 7 when u started to get blue essence with capsules each time you level up,but how can people buy champs when they barelly have some Blue Essence? Imagine you are new player,make new account,you get like 3 start champs [Ashe,Brand,Garen],but how are you gonna get other champions without need to buy them with RP? When you level up,you get champion capsule where you get either blue essence or some champion you can disenchant,but at the start you can't buy that champion because you dont have any BE,you have to disenchant them so you can get it.When you want to play ranked,which requires from you to have 20 champs,you have to buy the trash ones worth 450 BE so u can play it,but you are limited,what if enemy or ur team bans those champs u wanted to play,and then u dont have other champs for that lane.Dont tell me to buy champs with RP or smthng,im 16 years old,i dont have paypal so cant buy it.I have friend that is 139 level in league,and he still barelly has 56 champions.So what level you have to be to get blue essence to buy all champs,1000?

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