Not necessarily a new player looking for advice, but a veteran player who recently returned looking for tips! In the past I'd truly enjoy the game, I'd fill in usually, main support, but I'd also play some jungle or top every now and then. There's been times where I played mid or even adc, without too much worries. I was a stable high diamond player during season 3, after which I "quit" only coming back for short sessions but never got into the game too much anymore. Now that I have more free time again I'm aiming to get back into the game a little, however, I'm insanely anxious to play anything else than support as Leona or Nautilus, pretty much. The thought of playing another lane, or even another support champion feels really scary, even though I don't know why! Now, I know this is a personal/mental issue there, but I was mainly wondering if anyone else has had similar feelings when it comes to the game and if yes; how did you deal with it/overcome it! Any advice is welcome! ("Playing with friends" is not really an option cause I don't really have anyone to play with for the moment :D)
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