Avoiding stealing kills as support

I mainly play bot/supp and I'm sure it's happened to a lot of us: we're playing as support and we get that bot who accuses/threatens us because of kill-stealing. Personally, when I play bot, **sure I'd love to get the kill**, but if I'm out of range and there's no way I can make it, if my supp gets it, I'm glad _somebody_ did! It'll put pressure and set the other team back a bit (if it's early, with building - if it's late, with the long respawn time). A kill is a kill, right? I guess my question is, if you're playing support, are you really supposed to just let the enemy get away with low % health instead of doing the final strike when nobody else can take it (just to please your bot that you didn't "ks")? In my case, I really want to play for the team, but it's hard when someone is threatening to report you because you "steal their kill", and really you know there was no way they could ever have done that kill. **I'd love to hear opinions on what to do in these situations. ** I understand if they could take it and you accidentally take the kill, it could be very frustrating (this has happened to me, especially when I'm trying to defend the bot, like with {{champion:267}} when I heal my team member but I'm close enough that it bounces to attack the enemy*), but I don't think it's worth fighting over with your team. When it happens to me that my support took it and someone else was watching and accuses them of ks, I tell them I couldn't have made it anyway or that they did well - I feel it's better to boost up the team's morale and spirit than fight over a kill. (*That Nami thing, is an issue in itself. Like yes, you should know the range of the skill, but also would the bot rather be left to die, but get the kill, than be saved and have the enemy champion killed, even if by someone else...) I guess I'm just asking for supp advice in terms of player relations :P I've played with some great bots who allow me to reach great stats and let me become a valuable team member while supporting them, and I've played with bossy bots who don't let me touch any of the enemies, yell at me if I do anything, and basically give me very little to do but be their little servant.
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