Welcome to the League Of Cancer

So I tried to play ranked to learn from better players, and all I got was being flamed and reported by folks with even worse stats than mine, ie I was 3-7-11 on morgana and some dude was 0-8-1 on master yi and he and the team all reported me, he was like 'rep morgana all gg' even before the game start cause I've said im new in ranked. So now I have some chat restriction and im banned from access to free rewards and this is the place where I say fock you too riot. Deleting this garbage game is the best thing you can do with it man. This community is beyond toxic, these nolife kids will wish terrible death upon you if you lose your lane and nobody is validating who is reported and why. I think I gonna feed to really ruin some games and get permabanned to never be tempted to install this game again. Fk u stupid kids and all different types of loser ppl, you play this game for years and you are still bronze so you have to blame others to not think that maybe you fkn suck or just maybe you are not so good as you think you are. This report mechanism is a mental escape for suckers, like 'who shall I blame this time for my 0-10-1 lets see', riot is not even interested in getting all the toxic players out of this game cause there is just too much of them so its easier to keep the normal ones out of it and you should delete it too before you will become such a failed human being.
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