Riot doesn't care about the fans

I have been playing league of legends since season 2 i have spent hundreds of cash in this game and thousands of hours and i dont think i ever got a reward or at least a good enough reward for staying loyal to this game. Riot seems not to care that much.You can understand that by the RGM we get one game mode every 2 months for a sort period of time and not even the ones we really want. URF has always been the most fun i had in league and i cant even have that. Why isnt riot interacting with us (the players). We got nexus blitz which and a ton of quests which i love to complete but how much nexus blitz can you play until you get sick of the Yi,Jax,Akali,Tanks spam at least in URF the chmapion picks are RNG and it isnt about players picking strong champions. All i am asking is for riot to give us something like we have been giving her feedback and our money all this years

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