Nexus blitz into snowdown, why?

I'm just wondering if I'm alone with my friends in this. It has actually become already a greatly enjoyable tradition to play urf/poro king during christmas, or whatever they ever gave us on christmas. If I recall right it has been urf or urf AND poro king for the past 2-3 years. And those have been always some hella good times, simply mindset ready for christmas just by playing a few games of lol. But now, they did give us the good ol' snowdown map on normals, but nothing to do with it. As event we got nexus blitz. Again. Nothing more. Last time it was was legitimate 2 months ago, and then it was fun. But now the continuous grinding has become extremely boring, even though they did do some changes/adds to the gamemode. I don't understand, why do all the work just for this, when they could've given us something better? I mean, at least why not bring the snowdown map to the nexus blitz as well? Literally right now I feel that I don't wanna play lol at all, cuz everything just feels so boring. So could you ppl whip out some answers and tell me whatya think about this years snowdown? Are ya'll actually enjoying this or not?

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